Looking to build a relationship with young consumers around your purpose? We are a social impact consultancy 100% focused on young people.

We are a social impact consultancy 100% focused on young people.

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We create engagement strategies for brands, companies, and not-for-profits. The common thread?

Activating young people for positive social change.

We don’t just work in purpose —

we push it forward.


with our proprietary behavioral database we provide insights brands can't get access to elsewhere.

Our expertise is grounded in implicit & explicit data from DoSomething.org’s 5 million members in 131 countries taking action on more than 270 social cause campaigns.

We love to share our learnings and insights from our deep and data-driven knowledge of young people.

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DOLLARS & CHANGE: Young People Tap Brands As Agents of Social Change

2018 Survey of Young People and Social Change

Young people are having a moment. Parkland survivors are demanding a national conversation on gun violence and are refusing to back down. The International Indigenous Youth Council, which grew out of the Dakota Pipeline protests, works to inspire, organize, and empower young leaders. Black Lives Matter youth groups have spent the last six years fighting for justice for young people of color.

So, who are they and what’s their plan for changing the world?

That’s what we set out to find in our 2018 Survey of Young People and Social Change




“…[DoSomething Strategic (formerly TMI)] helps organizations navigate the nexus of youth, technology, and social change.”



“‘[DoSomething Strategic] is so knowledgeable about teenagers and their desire for change….’”


“While access to DoSomething's members gives the agency an edge, its main driver is exploring new ways to get the message out….”