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100% of our work focuses on young people and social impact. We know how they think, how they communicate, and why they take action. 

We provide our clients deep and actionable insights gleaned from 25 years of experience engaging young people coupled with proprietary data of our 6 million DoSomething.org members worldwide participating in more than 270 cause initiatives.

  • Data, Research, and Actionable Insights

  • Social Impact Platform Development

  • Trend Analysis

  • Target Persona Development & Segmentation

  • Journey Mapping


Staying culturally relevant is hard. Connecting with young people via this ever-changing cultural landscape is even harder. Causes, interests, and trends change as quickly as young people discover new information and new ways to disseminate it.

We keep our finger on the pulse of key movements, platforms, influencers, and more to provide our clients a clear and effective roadmap that truly connects with young people.

  • Marketing & Communications Planning

  • Digital / Social / SMS Activation Strategy & Management

  • Influencer / Partnership Strategy & Management



Young people not only engage with brands and causes on a more personal level, they also view them as extensions of their own values. A brand’s success relies on developing relationships with young people grounded in a shared purpose.

We help clients identify that shared passion point. We then combine insight with creativity to create meaningful stories, impactful content, and engaging experiences that strengthen relationships with the brand or cause.

  • Creative Campaign Ideation & Development

  • Content Creation & Execution

  • Event Experience Design

  • Employee Engagement

  • Community Retention

  • Ambassador / Brand Champion Programs

  • Youth Advisory Council Creation & Management


Success isn’t measured simply on how much people know…it’s about what they do with that knowledge to act.

We know how to inspire young people to share ideas and take action, which enables our clients have real impact—both on the cause area and on the brand itself.

  • Measurements for success

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