Foot Locker


The Reality

Like many retailers today, Foot Locker has become the middleman at a time when middlemen are being cut out. Young consumers, in particular, are carving their own paths to purchase, and often malls and traditional retail outlets don’t make the cut. But all is not lost. Young people are also looking for brands that are an extension of themselves, with shared values and unique experiences.


The Approach

We wanted to highlight the brand’s core values and leadership position. But we knew we needed to connect with young consumers in a meaningful way, not just create another high-profile ad campaign. We needed to add value to their lives, not just hype.


The Solution

We shone a bright spotlight on how Foot Locker celebrates student-athletes who take their skills beyond the court through its Foot Locker Scholar Athlete program. Through a bespoke web platform for scholarship applications and targeted marketing and publicity, we not only receive tens of thousands of applications each year, but we also garner coveted earned media around the incredible student athlete stories and Foot Locker’s commitment to these amazing young people.


The Results

Since we started this program, we have consistently grown scholarships submissions to over 35,000 in 2017 and media impressions to over 70 million in 2017. Foot Locker has distributed over $1.6M in scholarship money to over 80 students. And these students have effectively served as some of their most passionate brand ambassadors!

Meredith Ferguson