Johnson & Johnson


The Reality

Recruiting doesn’t work the way it used to. Sixty percent of students search for job information through Facebook. More than half of new grads want to start their own company rather than work for one. And young people are yearning for more purpose in their careers and employers. Employers need to find compelling ways to stand out.


The Approach

We needed to better communicate Johnson & Johnson’s brand, culture, and value proposition so that new graduates are excited to become employees. Boring, ol’ PowerPoint presentations weren’t going to do the trick!


The Solution

We developed new on-campus recruitment activations to position Johnson & Johnson as an innovative and exciting employer. Based on extensive research and insights in what matters to young people, we built user personas and experience maps to drive segmented communications that were engaging and fun...a new approach for many big company’s recruiting efforts.


The Results

With this new on-campus recruitment program, Johnson & Johnson has a fresh approach and unique values-based experience that they can scale globally to attract the recruits they want and remain competitive.

Meredith Ferguson