The Malala Fund


The Reality

The Malala Fund was in the national spotlight through a feature documentary released in both theaters and schools, but they did not know how to drive young film viewers to take impactful action to support girls’ rights to education worldwide.


The Approach

To convert these young womens’ excitement to support, we knew we needed to apply our core tenants when engaging young people around cause:

  • Make it fun and easy

  • Leverage peer pressure for good

  • Create multiple points of entry from low-barrier to higher-barrier to activate the maximum number of young people


The Solution

TMI created an overarching brand narrative and editorial calendar, including SMS, peer-to-peer outreach, email, and web content, to accompany the documentary’s release. We built a full engagement strategy, including both digital activations and grassroots campaigns.


The Results

In a one-month pilot, we helped Malala Fund motivate more than 140,000 supporters to opt into the organization’s communications. Our fundraising calls to action targeted at young people helped raise $85,000 through crowdfunding platforms.

Meredith Ferguson