Creating an immersive workshop to understand + activate young people



From DACA to the “muslim ban,” immigrants and refugees were top issues in the news; and they were incredibly important to Spotify as a brand. Little was known about young people’s perspective on these issues and Spotify wanted to more deeply understand where young people stood in order to effectively engage them.



Sure, we could have sent them a detailed report of insights and learnings about how young people engaged in social issues. Or have them sit through a boring presentation with stats and examples. But we knew that wasn’t sticky or really all that helpful when it comes to applying that knowledge.

We created a cross-functional team workshop about how young people think and engage around this important social issues. By putting Spotify employees into the shoes of their users and diving into all the touchpoints that young people have with music during their daily journeys, we guided Spotify in identifying tactics for better connecting with its audience in a meaningful and resonant way.



Since then, Spotify has launched several initiatives focused on fighting for immigrant and refugees’ rights—like Spotify’s “I’m With the Banned” campaign around immigration and tolerance, and its No Moment For Silence platform where it speaks out on social issues and partners with artists to deliver support for the vulnerable.