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Aria has over a decade of experience motivating young people to take action through DoSomething.org campaigns such as Teens for Jeans, Thumb Wars, and Comeback Clothes. She has created brand partnerships with H&M, Coca-Cola, Sprint, JetBlue, and Toyota, and she has helped scale DoSomething.org to 5.4 million members in 131 countries today. Aria is one of the first ten World Economic Forum Global Shapers, she’s passionate about social justice, and she thinks the name “Aria” is becoming way too popular.

MEREDITH FERGUSON - MANAGING DIRECTOR- DoSomething Strategic - Youth Marketing Agency


As Managing Director, Meredith ensures that the work delivered is both thoughtful and impactful. Her passion for creativity and innovation leads her to challenge traditional thinking and deliver breakthrough ideas for DoSomething Strategic's clients. Meredith’s career has spanned both client and agency roles, where she's led youth-focused engagement and business-driving strategies for national retail, health, and restaurant brands. She speaks globally on the power of young people and purpose at conferences including ANA, YMS, PSFK, PromaxBDA, &Then, IEG, and Brand ManageCamp. Meredith is an adjunct professor of Public Interest Marketing at Fordham University, a Women@Forbes contributing columnist, and has served as a judge for the Positive Change Effie Awards and the D&AD Impact Awards. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt Law School where she was a founding member of the Vanderbilt Child & Family Law Clinic. When not striving to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie, Meredith can be found watching a musical or walking through Central Park with her husband and two kids.

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Ashley brings a decade of experience to the Head of Client Services role to make sure that DoSomething Strategic’s work is on-point. Prior to coming to DoSomething Strategic, Ashley led clients’ thinking in a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceutical/healthcare to pizza to frozen food to electrical manufacturing (and plenty more in between). Most notably, she launched the IDEAL National Championship, a nation-wide competition for electricians, and was pivotal in the execution of youth-focused engagement platforms such as ILostABet.org and YourChemistry.org. When she isn’t on a volleyball court, Ashley loves to catch up on anything true-crime related, pretend to train for half marathons, or school everyone in Friends trivia.



A storyteller, strategist, and activist at heart, Irene loves thinking about what makes young people tick and then putting those insights to work for DoSomething Strategic’s clients. Earlier in her career, Irene worked as a journalist for publications in Europe, Latin America, and the US. She was recently named 2016 Rhize Emerging Catalyst for her work fighting to reduce barriers to political participation of Spanish emigrants around the world. She has been a guest lecturer at The New School and she was a Fulbright scholar from 2012 to 2014.

RACHEL MOTZ | DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, LEAD STRATEGIST -Do Something Strategic - Gen Z Marketing Agency


After seven years managing theatre and event production both domestically and abroad, Rachel traded in backstage headsets for boardroom datasets and got her MBA from Columbia Business School. Rachel is always eager to bridge the creative to the strategic and, prior to joining DoSomething Strategic, she did so on a variety of business development and marketing projects for companies such as Disney, Midroll Media, eMarketer, and American Ballet Theatre. She is a self-proclaimed "public radio nerd" and donut connoisseur.

KARY PEREZ | SENIOR STRATEGIST - DoSomething Strategic - Gen Z Marketing Agency


Kary equips powerhouse brands like Keds, H&R Block, and United Way with the tools that motivate millennials to take social action. Kary is devoted to women’s empowerment, social and economic justice, and is an ally to anyone that feels they might not have a voice (or a choice). She also loves to travel, has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, and is perpetually on the hunt for the best pizza in NYC.

ALEXANDRIA HUNTER | SENIOR STRATEGIST - DoSomething Strategic - Gen Z Marketing Agency


Driven by social justice and empowering young people of color, Alexandria looks to help brands create innovative solutions to engage young people that also produce meaningful and lasting impact. She spent time in corporate America providing clients with strategy and project management guidance but left after several years to pursue her passion full time; impacting underserved communities through education initiatives, civic engagement, and more. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Alexandria has always been drawn to service leadership and constantly seeks to marry this with her love of travel, music, and culture, always lifting as she climbs. She is incredibly excited to be a part of the DoSomething Strategic team and the opportunity to leverage her prior experiences and relationships, both personal and professional, in a quest to improve access and experiences for these communities of young people across the globe.

MARIE PEDERSON - SENIOR STRATEGIST - DoSomething Strategic - Gen Z Marketing Agency


Marie guides clients in developing communications and calls to action that resonate with young people. She currently works with PwC to enhance their internal Corporate Responsibility programming and with Malala Fund to build a global movement around girls' education. In her client work, Marie draws on her past experience with the DoSomething.org global strategy team. Marie is an avid traveler, bookworm, feminist, and fitness aficionado.

CAROLINE LEWIS - SENIOR STRATEGIST - DoSomething Strategic - Gen Z Marketing Agency


With entrepreneurial problem solving at her core, Caroline strives to provide DoSomething Strategic clients with innovative strategic counsel to create lasting social change. She is passionate about education, health and empowerment and she’s inspired by young people every day. Prior to joining DoSomething Strategic, Caroline worked in strategic communications for healthcare organizations, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and international small businesses. After 18 months of traveling, starting a company and writing a book about her family, she’s living one more of her childhood dreams by putting roots down in NYC.

DANIEL ABRAM - STRATEGIST - DoSomething Strategic - Gen Z Marketing Agency


With a diverse background in project management, sports marketing, and coaching, Daniel persistently seeks efficiencies in the way we work and how we live. He has an interest and passion for productivity in cause spaces such as clean energy, homelessness and education. As a New Jersey native, Daniel takes the “New Jersey’s bagels are better” opinion, and knows where the Statue of Liberty REALLY resides (in New Jersey waters). When he’s not looking for live music in the city or searching for the best burger or ramen in NYC, he’s playing or watching basketball. He is always interested in too many topics, but believes there’s no better place to find any event than in New York.

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Briana always fights for the user, helping her clients put young people first when building strategies in order to foster authentic connections with this unique audience. Her degree in Women’s and Gender Studies has equipped her to think critically and strategically about issues in various institutions, such as through her work with the College Board to improve access to higher education. Briana is devoted to social change with particular interests in the environment, the LGBTQ community, and economic inequality. Outside of work, she loves escaping the city to hike upstate, exploring museums, and watching every documentary available on Netflix.

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