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reachING HIGH SCHOOL students where they are

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For most important service organizations, websites serve as the hub of their valuable resources with pages upon pages packed with high-quality information and useful downloads. However, there is generally little activity driving young people to these sites beyond email—a channel young people don’t use frequently. Websites, emails, and old-school social media just don’t cut it with young people anymore. They don’t inspire action.



College Board is a resource rich organization with an aim to help students succeed in high school and college. But they needed to more effectively deliver to young people the breadth and depth of resources and services they offer. We knew the exact platform they needed to use – SMS. Each month, students who opted in to receiving SMS messages from the College Board received friendly and accessible tips and reminders around key deadlines in the college application lifecycle. 

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We increased engagement with their content by 11x over email and successfully scaled their SMS initiative from a 3,000-person pilot to a 3MM-person program.